Astwood Fishery

Address: Astwood Lane, Stoke Prior, Bromsgrove, West Midlands, B60 4BB
Water Type: Lake
Astwood Fishery

Situated in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside, Aston fishery consists of three pools with Carp up to 30lbs along with a mix of tench, roach, bream, perch and rudd. The fishery is peaceful and each of the pools has some nice features to fish to.

Smokie Joe's

One acre in size with 20 well spaced pegs, smokies is the first pool nearest the fishery entrance. Good head of carp with a nice average around 10 lbs but going up to just under 30lbs. Smokies also gets some great match weights with catches in excess of 100lbs pulled in regular during the summer months

Bluebell Pool

Also 1 acre in size Bluebell is home to the fisheries largest fish making it popular with a small number of specimen anglers, bluebell pool holds carp running to 30lbs, a decent number of which are over 20lbs. The pool has 24 pegs

Along with carp there's a good head of bream to over 8lbs though these are somewhat elusive.

As with Smokies Bluebell gets some great match weights with a record of 233lbs

Buddleia Pool

Buddleia is an all rounder with 44 pegs it has a good head of silver fish as well as carp to around 15lbs and tench to 8lbs. Of all the waters at the fishery Buddleia holds the record for match weights at 236lbs.

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