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Has Lockdown Affected Interest In Angling?

The lockdown and continuing aftermath of the pandemic have been difficult for most people. Both on a personal and professional level, we've all seen some massive changes.

Personally, although I used to be an avid angler, I haven't been on the water for a while. Other commitments and the challenge of getting on the bank have kept me away, now though I'm more eager than ever to get back to the seclusion that fishing offers as well as the focus it requires to be successful.

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Record Breaking Barbel Landed Secretly in 2019 at 21 lb 2oz

Normally any record breaking specimens caught instantly flood the media, the record UK Barbel though was a bit different! Colin Smithson kept his precious haul quiet and most publications didn't recognise the record breaker until late 2019 / early 2020.

The fish in question beat the current Barbel record by 1oz which was previously set over 14 years ago by Grahame King fishing Great Ouse. Colin's record was verified by the BRFC (British Record Fish Committee) as being caught on the 7th of November on a Sussex river.

The specific location have been kept secret to protect the fish in the area though Colin has said that the river is part of a large river system and this fish will likely be seen again from another stretch

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